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Frontline Efficiency Integrated with Back Office Intelligence

More about the "Smart Guarding Solutions" system


We have a configurable front-line guard management system to fit any need. The solution increases officer productivity and accountability. Our integrated security guard management system connects all activities to a central command center and live dashboard.

- Incident & Activity 

- Reports

- Visitor Management 

- Command Center and more 


Incident & Activity 

We have complete knowledge of our security officers’ whereabouts. With real-time tracking, we can provide key actionable insights for the client. If there is an incident, it can be taken care of immediately. 



Productivity is at our fingertips; our application enables our guards to be more productive while in the field and provides real-time visibility on activities in the field to supervisors and operations teams. 


Visitor Management 

We help you strengthen the security of your facilities by preventing unauthorized access with our robust visitor management application. Reduce visitor security risks by setting up visitor lists and approval processes for a smooth visitor experience. 


Our system is efficient and effective; the program is customized based on every client’s briefing and patrol requirements. We provide service transparency to all our clients. For more details, contact

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