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Smart Guarding Solutions

We combine manned guarding services with the power of today's cutting-edge security technology, and the results are unmatched. The advanced integrated and innovative security solution is called Smart Guarding Solutions. 


Smart Guarding Solutions is a complete package of security services, and this is a combination of:

  • Time management solutions for the guards

  • Report and incident report management

  • Tours/ patrol management 

  • Postorder management

  • Asset management

  • Visitor management 

  • Alert/ panic button solution with remote communication


In addition to the above management solution, our system provides real-time notifications to our control room and the client.


Our well-trained security guards have an added value addition and are now tech-smart guards with innovative smart guarding solutions ideal for all premises, facilities, and work sites. 


K9 Alligators Smart Guarding Solutions can be customized to each client's requirements allowing us to provide a solution that best suits your environment.


For further details on K9 Alligatorts Smart Guarding Solutions, contact us

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