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Security Consultancy

We give you the best advice on how you can protect your business, property, and employees in a better way. 


Before hiring a security service to protect yourself, your property, or your business, we at K9 Alligators Security believe you should have awareness and the most accurate information.


Our private security consultancy service offers you the most appropriate options to fit your unique needs. 


Individuals or business owners often wait until after an unfortunate event to invest in their security. However, being proactive against security threats is vital and can prevent significant financial, physical, or informational losses.


Companies that already have a security program in place will also benefit from a private security consultant, as we can review your current program and pinpoint areas of weakness or vulnerability. After the review, we can provide solutions to strengthen and fortify your safety and security.


How a consultation can protect your business

Our security consulting service involves a risk assessment to identify areas in your premises or life that need most protection. We will investigate all areas of your security, including:

1. General security and risk analysis 

2. Building security 

3. Theft detection 

4. Employee protection 

5. Security staff and guard posting 

6. Threat and vulnerability assessments 

7. Emergency and crisis plan


After a consultation, we can help you choose the services that will be most effective in protecting you, your business and employees, and your property.


Don't wait till it's too late to have a program in place!

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